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National Capital Region (Delhi)

NCR is the metropolitan area of Delhi which encompasses satellite cities like Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida.

The origin of NCR is traced to the recommendation of first ever Master Plan of Delhi, way back in the year 1962. The prime aim was to reduce the burden of increasing population in Delhi and the growing demand for more space owing to large scale industrialization. Therefore the neighboring states like Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh came into consideration for developing satellite cities of Delhi. Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad were the names that came up for developing the whole NCR region.

Delhi comes under the governance of NCT, called the National Capital Territory. However, the Central Government does have some control over the administration and other departments. Delhi is not typically a Union Territory but has its own Vidhan Sabha constituencies with Assembly elections taking place every five years. Delhi is still fighting to claim the status of a complete state.

With the inception of NCR region, Delhi has been relieved of the burden of growing demands from corporate bodies and government establishments. With globalization hitting the landscape of Delhi, the city needed more expansion and a better infrastructure to meet those demands. However, with the development of satellite cities like Gurgaon and Noida, this problem was solved to a great extent. Most of the government offices found their place in these satellite cities including international and domestic companies.

MNCs and corporate bodies from all over the world are turning their heads towards Delhi sighting the manpower and skilled labor resource. NCR region is now the home to major international and domestic companies, be it IT, ITES, BPOs or other manufacturing and service industries.

Better connectivity and improved infrastructure between Delhi and NCR make life easier for commuters to reach their work place. New roads and flyovers make sure that traveling is an easy ride from Delhi to any of the satellite cities.

Owing to the proximity with New Delhi, there has been a tremendous growth in the infrastructure and economy of these cities. States like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have benefited a lot from the recent developments in sectors like Real Estate, IT, ITES, manufacturing and other service industries.

Some ten years back, these cities were like small villages with no infrastructure and basic facilities. But, the landscape has transformed completely with the construction of new shopping malls, skyscrapers, roads and flyovers. Modern style residential societies have been developed with luxury homes, apartments, flats and bungalows. Commercial buildings and offices are ever increasing owing to growing demand from foreign and domestic companies.

Find Out more about NCR cities of Gurgaon, Noida and Faribabad:

Gurgaon: Gurgaon is located in the northern part of Haryana and the city’s population is around 1,000,000 (as per the 2001 census). Gurgaon is the main city of the National Capital Region of Delhi because it the home to major IT companies and provides the best infrastructure in terms of schools, roads, housing societies and medical facilities. Gurgaon is famous for its outsourcing and off shoring services that make contribute the most towards the economy of Gurgaon. Among the major industries in Gurgaon, IT, ITES, auto manufacturing and pharmaceuticals have the maximum existence.

Noida: Noida is one of the most modern cities of India with world class amenities and infrastructure. Noida is home to many big international as well as national companies like AgreeYa Solutions, GlobalLogic, EXL, Birlasoft, Impetus, STMicroelectronics, MtronPTI, Fiserv, Adobe Systems, TCS, , CSC, HCL, ATC Labs , Interra and Xansa. Some of the main reasons behind the existence of these companies in Noida are the proximity of the city to Delhi and good infrastructure.



Faridabad: Faridabad is one of the main industrial cities of Haryana and comes under the region of Delhi & NCR. The city is bounded by Delhi on the north, Gurgaon on the west and the parts of Uttar Pradesh on the east and south. It is surrounded by river Yamuna in the east and the Aravalli hills in south and west regions. Newly developed Faridabad or New Faridabad is the most preferred destination for industries, IT companies, corporate bodies and government departments.



Ghaziabad: Las Vegas, London and now – hold your breath – Ghaziabad! The wild west of UP is now up there among the 10 most dynamic cities of the world. A Newsweek survey, which put the city on the global map, happened in 2006 and since then Ghaziabad has been hip and happening. In two years, it has done a complete makeover by adding malls, hi-tech cities and golf courses to its new face.